What does “Take up my Cross” Look Like to you?

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How the Cost has Affected Me

When I think on the Cross of Christ; really think about how Jesus suffered, I am humbled beyond words. How can we speak so lightly of the Gospel, when the death He died for all at such a cost? The price He paid for the world is costly, yet, we put ourselves on the throne when we pass judgment on others and try so hard to be religiously perfect; only He is Perfect. Yes, I am affected by His love and mercy. He has affected my ability to hate those who have mistreated me because He has given me the gift of His Perfect Love and I can love unconditionally. He has affected my desire to repay evil for evil; He has given me the gift of compassion to show the same mercy He has shown me. Jesus said, there is no greater love than the love one gives when He lays down His own life for another. After reading about the horror of the cross, I see now how great God’s love is, that He came into this world and became flesh, for only one purpose; to die a horrific death for His creation. He did this to make a way for us to live in His Presence. I also see what it looks like when our serviceman/woman, police officers, firefighters, and all those who protect the freedom Jesus Christ died to give us. They and their families lay down their own lives for another; the price they and their families have paid is incomprehensible, how can we even speak so lightly of the death they died for us at such a cost? And when I look upon the those who have “Taken up their Cross” it deeply effects me.

Taking up my own Cross

I don’t really know what it means for all of us to take up our cross and follow Jesus. I don’t know what that looks like for everyone, I can only speak for myself. For me, “Taking up my Cross” is to forgive, love and show the same mercy Christ has shown me to those who have mistreated, slandered, taken advantage of and abused me. That is easier said than done; it has taken years for me, and some serious counseling. However, the more time it takes, the closer I have come to know Jesus personally. I have seen His Face intently look upon me with love when I was too ashamed to receive His forgiveness. This is how I am learning to take up my cross and follow Jesus.

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