Sailing in His Ocean of Love

Everything is going to be alright. Jesus says so in John 16. Although I may seem shipwrecked in other’s eyes, I am not! I’m just sailing along the vast ocean of Our Father’s Love! Yes, I am going to be just fine. My tears may seem hopelessly uncontrollable, but they are not! He stores them […]


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my family and friends. As I have walked in this journey, I see Your compassion through their eyes, Your hands reaching out to me through the doctors, nurses, and all medical staff, and counselors; You send an army; You are the Commander of, “The Lord’s Army in our time of […]

Praying and Thinking of You

Strange that the week of 9-11 is also National Suicide Week. I have learned from the Lord that when I am feeling depressed, I should reach out to others. Maybe we can’t physically reach out, but God can through our prayers for the families who had lost loved ones on this horrific day. Maybe they […]

So Not Me!

Before Saturday January 19th, I did something that was so not me, and it had me thinking, “Lisa, what is going on? What are you doing? What are you even thinking?!” I pondered these thoughts for a whole week, not knowing why I was doing what I was doing, and I even felt a bit […]