Power Struggle

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“Christians are a bunch of hypocrites; this includes many of the individuals I meet today and how the church has collectively mistreated people through history¬†(Chatraw & Allen, 2018).”

The problem is the Stereotypical response toward individual groups and, the blame is entirely collective since the beginning of time. Adam blamed God for giving him the woman, Eve, for giving him the forbidden fruit, and Eve blamed the serpent, who was also in the garden (Gen. 3:12-13).

Today, immature believers, as well as non-believers, continue to play the blame game. It seems to be the way out of taking responsibility for our sins and avoiding the penalty. When caught in the act of doing something terrible, even children have figured out how to avoid discipline through blame. Being the eldest of eight children, I held responsibility when something went wrong while in my care. As John Gray stated, any human can go wrong (Chatraw & Allen, 2018; pg. 261). I think Christians are set at a higher standard and expected to be holier than most, and rightfully so if led by the Spirit of God. However, just because we are Christians does not mean we are perfect; we are made new by Christ Holy Spirit (Romans 12). I agree that there are pseudo-Christians in the church community, just as there are pseudo-scientist in the science community. There are deceivers in any society; remember, the serpent was also in the garden. If approached with this question, this would be a good start to keep the conversation open and explore further what the Bible says about people who misuse the word of God to mislead others. Here is an example of what the Old Testament says about such people because most people will point out the Old Testament’s angry God: “If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, “Let us go after other gods’-which you have not known, let us serve them.’ You shall not listen to that prophet or that dreamer of dreams. The Lord God is testing you to see whether you love Him with all your heart and with all your soul ” (Deut. 13:1-3, NKJV).

I like how this verse speaks to the weaker person, who wants to do what is right, but, like Eve, was deceived, so can the weaker vessel wish to serve God or the hypocrite who wants to help him/herself through deception.

Furthermore, the same applies to all humans from the household to the White House; people in every walk of life who use their power to abuse will be judged by Jesus Christ when He returns. Moreover, this statement is a true statement within the body of Christ for the mistreatment of wives or husbands to not-so- god-fearing men/women who use their power to control and manipulate, thus acknowledging that all humans are capable of abuse of power. However, this was never God’s intention for humankind. The Bible is clear about God’s judgment against the wickedness and abuse of power from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, many Christians, like the Quakers, James Pennington, Martin Luther King, and the like, fought against inequality and slavery with dignity and respect towards their fellow man. They did not destroy their communities or blatantly murder for the cause. People shy away from the God of the Bible because they think they have to live like monks. No, God is very active in His creation, and He has set standards in which we should live if we want to live long, healthy lives; however, because we want to be little gods or worship statues made out of clay for the sake of our conscience, does not make us redeemed and holy. We have been Redeemed only through the Cross of Christ Jesus. No one will or has gone to heaven by any other way than through the Son of God.

Original text: http://lisarenedelgado.com

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Discussion from Arizona Christian University BIB400, Lisa Delgado

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